2023 Judging Panel, Tallymaster, & Emcee

Judging Panel

Mycalyne – Head Judge

Mycalyne is a Bootblack from Birmingham, Alabama. She has been a 24/7 slave to her owner, SirThomas205 since 2004, but has only been out and about in the community since 2009. While she will always and forever be owned by SirThomas205, she has recently found and embraced her switchy side. She is a staunch supporter and advocate for those suffering with mental illness. She gives full credit to her Master and bootblacking for pulling her out of a deep depression in 2017.

She has been a member of The Red Chair since 2011 where she has been an Ambassador, Chair for the Submissive Roundtable for 4 years, and served on the TRC Board of Directors 2019-2022. She is the founder of NEWK (New Experiences With Kink), core and founding member of CABLE (Central Alabama Birmingham Leather Enthusiasts). Was CABLE’s treasurer for 3 years and was President 2021 through 2022. Mycalyne was honored to be Southeast Bootblack for 2019 through 2021! Her current leather-relevant titles include Secretary of CABLE, SELF Bootblack Contest Coordinator , and Head-of-Household for her Leather Family, Menagerie.

Tricksy has been a member of the BDSM community since 2014 by jumping in head first as a staff member of the kink educational event Debauchery. It was there that they found their Sir, their Leather family, the Tarheel Leather Club, and their love of Bootblacking. Tricksy is currently the North Carolina Bootblack titleholder, carrying the title since 2019. Tricksy grew up in Gary, IN, but now calls North Carolina their home.




randi (he/him) spends most of his time working for SouthEast LeatherFest (SELF) and playing with his cat, Parker (bonus points if you know where the name comes from).  He has been with the SELF family since 2010 and is proud to wear several hats. A native of New York City, randi has an immense love for musical theatre and is happy that DPAC exists in his current location, Durham, NC. 

randi is an advocate for mental health, reaching out for help, and de-stigmatizing invisible illness.  He can often be found on his Facebook page sharing his personal journey, along with memes that evoke laughter and/or deeper thought. He also likes the fun animal videos. 

randi can be found on Facebook (Randi Kemmler)  & on Fetlife (slave-randi).  He loves making new friends (no permissions needed to send a request) and getting to know folx.  His favorite website is: www.secure.seleatherfest.com 🙂



Tris is a powerhouse service bottom, who served the Seattle area in nearly every organization and on most events from 2007-2017 and as Washington State Ms Leather 2014. She is a self-starter, Leatherwoman, and media junkie, who loves to be involved behind the scenes.

  Tris identifies as a mouthy, irreverent, “fight back” kinda bottom, though will sometimes be caught participating in a round of co-topping a willing masochist for some play. Tris helped found Seattle girls of Leather, Seattle Women of Leather, and is a sensual bootblack, specializing in oil tan scenes and stellar restoration work.

Cigar service and play, waterboarding, and rough body play are at the top of her dance card. She has taught classes on leather care, embracing sacrifice and suffering, social media in kink, been on more boards and run more events than she cares to admit, and has demo bottomed across the country. Deeply introverted, she loosens up with laughter, personal stories, and people wanting to hear what she thinks.


Willie (he/him) hails from the great state of South Carolina but is now a proud resident of North Carolina. He holds the title of former Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather (2022) and participated as a contestant in IML45. Willie is an enthusiastic member of the Charlotte Tradesmen Leather Levi Club, where he serves as their dedicated Marketing & Communications Officer. He has actively contributed to the community for the past 5 to 6 years, advocating for diversity and championing inclusion for all individuals. Regardless of their affiliation with old guard or new, gender identity, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, creed, or any other characteristic, Willie believes in creating an inclusive environment. His passion for bootblacking was sparked during his time in the United States Army, and he holds immense respect for the craft and the community. It is a tremendous honor for Willie to serve as a judge for NCBB.



I am Thomas (he/him).
I identify as a Leatherman, as well as a Sadistic left side of the slash (Dominant, Master to My slave, and occasion top to others).
I have been a member, DM, and volunteer of The Red Chair in Birmingham AL since 2011 and served on the Leadership team as Vice President of Facilities from 2017 thru 2019 and as President from 2020 thru 2021. I am the current President and one of the founding members of CABLE (Central Alabama Birmingham Leather Enthusiasts).
I enjoy meeting people while attending local events, Leather events, and other events (LLC, SELF, Frolicon, OKLF, TLC Run, SPLF)


Miss Bettie

Miss Bettie is a queer, polyamorous switch. She has been through quite the evolution since she started this journey in 2004. She has found her home, her family, and her calling here in the leather community. She is the 2007 Ms. NC Leather and the 2008 Ms. SELF. She is a member of both La Cosa Nostra Leather Family and Casa de la Unicorn Leather House. She recently returned to North Carolina after several years in Florida. She is looking forward to many more years of learning and growing.