Contest Rules


1. Contestants must be at least 21 years old. Contestants must possess a current and legal Drivers License or Identification Card from their state of residence.
2. Contestants must reside in North Carolina. Titleholders must reside in the North Carolina throughout their title year.
3. The North Carolina Bootblack title is open to any contestant, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, D-type or s-type affinity, or choice of leather/fetish/kink lifestyle.       
4. The North Carolina Bootblack will compete at Southeast Leatherfest for the title of their choosing.
5. Contestants are required to bring at least 3 gift collection/basket(s) to be auctioned at the contest in support of their travel funds. This collection/basket may contain items that are fetish related, non-fetish, etc. Two lower value collections will be more popular and bring in more funds than one large collection. A description of collection/basket items, along with item donors and total value, (using the Basket Contents Form) must be sent to no later than July 5th, 2023 prior to the contest.
6. The NC Bootblack contest committee reserves the right to refuse applications from potential contestants for any legal reason
7. Contestant application must be completed in full and received no later than July 1st, 2023.
8. Each contestant will pay a $95 entrance fee to compete for NC Bootblack.


1. Contestants are required to be at a meeting at the host hotel by 10:00am on Friday, July 14th, 2023.
2. Contestants are required to be at all  activities throughout the weekend until 12:00P.M. on Sunday (unless prior
arrangements have been approved in advance). Remainder of schedule to be announced as the event date nears.
3. During the competition weekend contestants will be under the guidance of a Den Crew. These volunteers are contestants’ support for the weekend. They will be there to answer questions, get contestants to activities on time and even make sure they get to bed early for much needed rest. Their direction is to be followed by all contestants.
4. All contestants will be performing public bootblacking duties only at assigned times throughout the weekend.
5. Unacceptable behavior during the weekend including, but not limited to substance abuse, private fraternization with judges and other conduct unbecoming of a titleholder may result in disqualification.
6. All contestants will be required to sign a Titleholder Contract which will come into effect should they win the title.
7. Specific rules are in place to allow for equality and to adhere with local law:
A. Open flame in any method or style is not allowed at any time.
B. Contestants must own all their own supplies.
C. Contestants will be provided a chair on a raised platform, a chair for the bootblack, and a tarp for bootblacking in the hotel facility. Contestants will be provided a chair or stool, seating for the bootblack and a tarp (if necessary) if bootblacking is done at other locations during the weekend.
D. Contestants may only shine during designated public bootblacking times.
E. Contestants are not allowed to accept drop-off boots for shining or perform bootblacking duties at any time or location other than those designated for all contestants.
F. Contestants must abide by facility, local, state and national laws in regard to attire. North Carolina nudity laws require a one-inch strip up the butt crack and all genitals and women’s aureoles covered. PG attire in all public spaces is required.
G. Judges’ comments are only supplied to contestants who are competing at another contest.